I just started reading this website recently and it seems full of useful knowledge, so I thought this might be the place to ask this question.

I have a hose bib on the back side of my house that seems to have a break somewhere between the shutoff and the spout. It doesn't leak when it is shut off and when it is on it leaks behind the siding. I found it in this condition when I bought the house.

It is kind of inconvenient running a hose around from the front yard all the time. So what I am wondering is if most of these will unscrew from the outside or if I have to knock a hole in my drywall. The house was built in 1993.

I kind of worry about twisting pipes trying to unscrew it form outside, also worry about getting a new one screwed back on properly so that it wont leak at the house supply pipe.

Any advice would be appreciated,