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    I have a late 70's home and need to update my hall bath. However, it has a 42" vanity. For some reason that size fallen out of favor. I don't have the money to have a custom built cabinet and countertop; and the existing cabinet is not good enough for just paint. Plus I would also need to update the counter. Any suggestions for non-custom upgrades?

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    It's possible, though not likely, that you can find a larger cabinet and cut it down to the size you need. To be honest, a custom cabinet isn't going to be much, if any, more expensive than the stuff you're going to find off the shelf at Evil Orange. I would contact a couple cabinet shops in your area to see what they'd charge for a basic 42" vanity.

    Another option would be to reface the one you've got, which you could do yourself.
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    I'm currently shopping for vanities too... unfortunately its true, the standard sizes include 36" (sometimes 37") then jump up to 48".

    However, if you used a 36" then you'd end up with 6 inches extra, which is actually a very easy fix! Most module, off the shelf cabinet manufactures also make "fillers" which are 3" wide decorative front panels, that add character and fill in inconvenient gaps.

    Insignia's 3" wide panel comes in plain panel, fluted or column designs and range from $31-57 a piece depending on the finish you choose. Here's there page of different styles, your local Lowes can give you a "special order worksheet" with prices:

    I hope that helps!

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    All cabinet manufactures have 42" cabinets, there not in-stock
    items due to there storage size.
    A 42" vanity isnt going to be cheap either way custom or Big Box store.

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    Home Depot has great economical solutions.

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