First things first, I know this wiring needs to be removed ASAP but at the moment it is not an option.

I have a old old house that, apparently has a mixture of old and new wiring. The old wiring in question appears to be aluminum with a rubber and braided string wrapping.

I set out to replace the old, switched light outlet in my new sons room with a better fixture that went better with the new decor in the room. When I removed this outlet I found the old wiring, six wires in total in the box and they were bundled in a certain pattern.

MISTAKE One: I failed to take note of the wiring setup.

After I cut those wires free (not sure why I separated them) I had six separate wires, three dark brown three light brown coming into the box in light-dark pairs. One pair to the left two pairs to the right.

At this point I stopped, wasn't sure how to go forward. We have an electrician who owes us work so I called him but he is fairly booked at the moment. The wires were left bare and no one used the room. Problem was when the wires in that box were cut it killed power to the switched light in the bathroom.

Today I tried to connect those wire with wire nuts to close out the loop and restore power to the bathroom lights.

MISTAKE Two: Do NOT connect positive to positive

So I got my electronic courses information jumbles and I goofed. I connected all three positives together and all three negatives together.

QUESTION One: Why would both light and dark (assuming positive and negative) register a current when not connected to each other?

We cut the power back on an everything seemed to be fine. The bathroom light worked now anyway. Just to be certain there were no problems I tried the switch in the bedroom, there was a spark and the end of the wires caught light (I'm still checking the attic to ensure the insulation didn't catch too).

I now have the switch taped down, and the wires separated with a wire nut on the end of each.

QUESTION Two: I'm assuming now that I need to connect positive wires to negative wires. That still doesn't seem right to me but I've demonstrated a good reason to not trust my rusty knowledge.

Does anyone know the proper configuration from the explanation of the rooms below, or is there not enough information.

Room One: Wall Switch to Single outlet (6 Wires)
Room Two: Same

My current guess is one Pos to one Neg but I'm not touching anything until I know for sure.

Can anyone help?