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    Is there anything I can do about my wood doors swelling in the summer; I can't get them shut!

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    Howdy, one can re ajust the jambs, plain the door edges. Wait till winter and add a sleant finsih to the edges...

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    I would go with Timothy Miller's last suggestion first. Wait till winter when doors shrink and seal all six sides.
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    I don't disagree with the above posts sealing your doors with a good polyurethane or even just stain should work. If you have many doors though that are swollen and need work that can take a while. So instead I have what I think is a simpler solution and should help keep your doors from getting swollen in the first place.
    If you have a dehumidifier or know of someone who does start using it where your worst door is as you are dealing with higher humidity. Even if you have central air conditioning you still may run into this problem,I know we have and we have central air conditioning. You could still have problems even with the dehumidifier but I think the doors will be better.
    You will also feel better yourself as your house will be less damp feeling and even if you have central air conditioning your air conditioner will run less. Also consider installing a gable fan in your attic with a thermostat. A gable fan will help make your house much cooler as it will get rid of that damp air. Gable fans are better than roof mounted fans too as they are easier to replace if they ever go bad. Good luck to you!

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    Well dude, this is normal problem of every person's home. You have to do oiling or move & adjust the jambs, plain the door edges. Wait for winter to come , it can solved easily at that time.


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