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    Unhappy Damaged wood floors

    Two small areas of the wood floors in my living room and den got water damaged due to overwatered plants that were sitting on top of them. They were in pots on top of a base and felt covering but the water seeped through anyway. One panel of the wood on the floor around the fireplace has expanded. There are dark brown stains and rings where there used to a nice wooden floor. Is there any way to fix these areas without redoing the entire living room and den floors?.
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    From what you are saying I don't think your floors are damaged that much that you would have to take up the entire floor. I am not an expert but here are my thoughts. I saw Tom Silva once on Ask This Old House use a special screw to hold down squeaking floors and I think the same screw could be used to help keep your wood floor together. You will need a special vise though to help bring your floor panels together and that I saw on Ask This Old House too. Tom Silva had a segment of What Is It? and it was a vise that help to bring floor boards together. Where you get the vise I don't know but imagine you could make something like that out of any regular vise.
    Once the pieces are closer together then you can use that special break away screw I was telling you about. You will then need to use a paint stripper and apply a small amount to the damaged area. Strip off all of the finish and then if there is still a mark there use some bleach full strength to help lighten the area. Continue treating the area with bleach for two days and then stop as the bleach has then done all it can do.
    I will not guarantee that all of the stain will be gone but at least most of it will be at least lessened and not as noticeable. Next to make things even less noticeable apply a good stain to try to match the rest of the floor and the stain. I would then buy some marble or other kind of stone at a salvage yard or stone masons and put that over the area. This will protect the wood from ever becoming damaged again by plants. Good luck to you!
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    Hody, have a flooring company come and estimate to repair the damaged areas and spot blend in the finish. The spot blend works very well if the flooring finish is in good condition. Otherwise spot repaing the wood and sanding and refinishing the floor is the repair needed. Note a flooring contractor should perform a moisture check to determine if the water damage is localized or larger then you think 9* moisture or less is what you wnat before any refinishing...

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