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    Default how to remove thinset from plywood sheathing

    Previous owners of our 1980's PDB (poorly designed bungalow)
    installed ceramic tile in the hallway and livingroom- they didnt do a very good job of it.

    We want to replace this flooring with hardwood.

    I have lifted about half of the tile in the hallway to discover the tile was laid directly on the raw plywood floor sheathing. There is no subfloor.

    So now we need to install a sub floor to bring the new floor level with adjoining rooms.

    What is the easiest way to get the thinset off the sheathing?
    Any suggestions would be welcome!I saw one post suggesting use of a rotohammer with a chisel what is this, and where can I get one?

    thanks so much

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    Default Re: how to remove thinset from plywood sheathing

    I recommend trying a hand floor sc****r, they look like a straight hoe, some have removable blades so you can keep them somewhat sharp.

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    Default Re: how to remove thinset from plywood sheathing

    Thinset should be relatively brittle so that it will chip off if you tap at it with the claw of a hammer. I wouldn't recommend a rotohammer for the job because it will likely gouge and severely damage the sub floor. You say that you have to install underlayment to bring the area level with the surrounding areas. What I would recommend is to just worry about ridges and high spots that will cause bulging of the new underlayment, and leave the rest.
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