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    Default moisture arround floor vents

    Just purchased a home built in 1993. Made my first inspection of the crawl space and some of the floor AC vents have condensation on the underside of sub-floor. Enough to the point that it is discoloring the plywood. May even have some mold starting to grow. Insulation looks to fine and in-tack. But pretty damp none the less. We live in the HOT and very humid state of SC. Is there a fix for this short of having duct work re-worked? By the way, Temperature has been in low 90's for several weeks now and humidity around 90%.
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    Default Re: moisture arround floor vents

    The insulation should cover your ductwork all the way to the sub floor. The boot, (as it is called), which your floor register sits in should be completely insulated before it is installed, it's easier and gets done right. Not doing this will cause the littlest part of exposed ductwork to sweat. Good Luck!!!
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