Hi ...

We are moving into a new place, actually, it is an old home built in the 1950's, and a real S. Fl. classic. This place has a coral rock exterior, plaster walls, and terrazzo flooring, yetta yetta yetta. It sits on 1 1/2 acres of an assortment of beautiful mature assorted Fruit, Oak and Palm trees and is tropically landscaped.

I am struggling to keep the vision that it was once such a beautiful place. This place has so much potential. At this time I dont know whether to laugh or cry but I digress.

Amongst many house repairs [some serious] to be made by us [the new tenants] I am concerned about the newer A/C unit that dims the household lights when it kicks on. The lights do come back up once the unit is on and blowing cold air. The best I can describe this event is a momentary but rather large drain on the home. I am concerned for our safety as well as our electronic equipment, ie. computers, tv's et el. What is happening?

The other associated problem with the A/C is the venting, should say, the lack there of. Two large circular flexible ducts are attached to the unit and feed into two different bedroom closets.

Imagine my horror when I opened the closet doors to find a gaping hole in the wall with an open, exposed moldy air duct blowing in my face. Who ever did this work went on a permanent siesta and never finished the job. These short straight ducts need to be added onto and brought forward out of the closet into the rooms and finished off via vent.

The above info ought to tell you mountains about the type of contractors that were let loose in S Fl post hurricanes. We were all taken advantage of.

As time permits I will have posts under plumbing, [bathroom], roofing, and Kitchen [cabintry] I look forward to finding help and answers. Thanks