I'm replacing our old bathroom vent fan (a contractor blew joint compound all over it and froze up the motor), which is a small bathroom in the basement of our split-foyer home. The old fan vented outside through a short length of rigid metal ducting that was hooked up to an exhaust port on the side of the house.

Problem is, when I removed the old fan, I discovered that the ducting wasn't mounted to anything, including the fan or the port, and now I've got a 4' length of tube rolling around above my ceiling that I can't figure out how to remove. On top of that, I can't figure out how to either hook it back up to the outside port, or run new tubing.

I've got an 8"x8" hole for the ceiling fan to work with, and I'd really rather not tear down any of the ceiling because it's popcorn and I lack the skills, tools, or inclination to repair it. Is there any way to do this using my available access? There's no other way in beyond these two holes (the hole for the fan and the exhaust port).