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    Default leaking outdoor 2nd story porch, tiled

    I have a tiled porch that leaks. I have removed tile and the mortar and the felt/hot mop. However, there are area of tar still there. The plywood will not be removed, but a 1/4 in layer will be placed over the old. Does a 100% of the old hot mop have to go? It is being a real pain!

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    Default Re: leaking outdoor 2nd story porch, tiled

    Howdy no one does not have to remove all of the old hot mopped tar... depending on how and what you are going to use to reshingle the roof. How do you plan on reshingling? What is the slope of the roof? The product ice and water guard works very well to stop leaking and ice dambing issues. It is usually only applied to the first 3 foot of the slop but can be used on the entire slope. One can simply intall 1/2" decking over the existing so you have a clean slate to then reshingle.....

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