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    Default rewiring old porcelain light fixtures

    I bought some OLD ceiling fixtures and sconces on eBay for my spring 2010 Kitchen remodel. I mentioned to my electrician that I had them. He wouldn't even discuss rewiring them! They are totally porcelain, no guts left on most. I don't do electrical stuff but I want these fixtures so I guess I'll be learning how to rewire. I did some searching and found this site which has a couple of my fixtures already rewired so I know it can be done! I haven't found the three light ceiling fixture yet but it must be somewhere if the others are here. http://www.historichouseparts.com/an...ll_sconces.htm

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    Default Re: rewiring old porcelain light fixtures

    Hmmm....... Okay, got it and wish you the best.

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    Default Re: rewiring old porcelain light fixtures

    Most of those old porcelain light fixtures are not that hard to rewire. Some have socket and switch and you remove the retaining nut on the switch to pull the socket out for rewiring, others have a porcelain retaining ring that holds a standard lamp socket , pull chain socket or side switch socket in place. The ones with the retaining ring sometimes takes some work to get the ring loose without damage. Most good lamp shops and some hardware stores carry the different configurations of sockets but if the porcelain nuts are missing you will probably have to go with brass or plastic nuts. I've rewired many of them.
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    Default Re: rewiring old porcelain light fixtures

    Try VintageLights.com, they also have several porcelain fixtures available.
    If you post an image of the fixtures you are trying to rewire it would be most helpful.

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