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    Default Fujitsu Multi-zone Mini-Split

    Closing in on purchase/installation of a Fujitsu multi-zone system (2 zones), replacing a single large window AC unit in 100 yr old house.

    Have a price quote from local supplier on the system, and have discussed installation with a friend who's an HVAC tech, but he's so cranky right now with our high heat & humidity that I can't get a straight answer from him on a brand recommendation for the system. I want to stay away from brands that aren't available locally, so that we can get parts later.

    Anyone offer thoughts on Fujitsu's reliability and/or general parts availability? Thanks! Or, alternative, more reliable units?

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    Default Re: Fujitsu Multi-zone Mini-Split

    Most of the Japanese brands seem to be reliable---Fujitsu, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Samsung--Friedrich seems to be ok---there's a customer review on the Fujitsu 18R1 from Epinions below.

    I would stay away from Goodman products.

    Sanyo has the lion's share of the mini-split market in the U.S. and seems to be reliable.

    They all do a good job & are quiet, but are somewhat overpriced IMHO---$4,000 or more for an install (over $2k for labor!!!)---a thru the wall 18,000 btu AC retails for $500 or less---if you can install it yourself----but there is more air noise involved.

    More & more mini-splits are coming with pre-charged linesets that may allow the diy'r to self-install--but there is often the need to call a tech to top off or calibrate the freon charge.

    Enter "mini-split" in the epinions search box for customer reviews on different mini-split brands.
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