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    Question Help or Advice to Remove Shellacked Newspaper

    We purchased a home knowing it was going to be a "fixer-upper", but one thing the previous owners did has us totally stumped. On half the wall (the lower half), they shellacked newspaper comic strips to the walls and I have no earthly idea how to remove this. I have tried scraping at it with a paint sc****r and have made a few passes in it, but mostly I'm digging into the walls. They are plaster walls to boot, so I'm in a mess here. Any ideas?? HELP!!!!

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    Default Re: Help or Advice to Remove Shellacked Newspaper

    If its truly shellac, denatured alcohol will instantly dissolve it. Alcohol is flammable and your need a lot of ventilation and should do only one square foot at a time until it evaporates. It was used a lot on furniture years ago. It it is anything else, like varnish, I don't know of any easy way.

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