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    I am slowly working on my little place- a 1944 brick twin in South Allentown, PA, that I purchased two years ago. I decided the upstairs bathroom to be the first area to work on. What I could do- repair the ceiling, paint, restore the original mirror/ medicine cabinet, put in a new mosaic tile floor and marble door saddle, repair the tile around the tub, install a new light fixture, clean & polish the original tub fixtures, replace the shower head. But I needed help to remove the sink and replacing some plumbing. My secret source is a local hardware store- Wentz Hardware in Emmaus, PA that offers home improvements. Tim, the owner, sent Rodger over- it's been a blessing! I know I could not have done it myself (I don't have all of the knowledge, tools and the necessary strength!). Rodger removed the sink without damaging the tile wall, replaced the plumbing all the while giving me how-to tips. It looks beautiful! When its time for me to do the kitchen, I know exactly where I will go- Rodger already stated that he's looking forward to the challenge (it's a very small kitchen 6'x10)!! As a single women, who loves to work on improving my little place, I found a great source in the local comunity that I can trust to help me do the work the right way and at a reasonable cost.
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