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    Default Handicapped nearly 60 year old grandmother

    I need help with someone to put up a railing on my front porch, it is only three steps but I can't use them at all and haven't been able to for nearly four years after 7 strokes, broken backs and a disaster of a back operation to have a cyst removed from my spinal cord. I can't swim in my heated in-ground backyard swimming pool since the operation either. I can seldom use the deck stairs to the pool so the front porch is usually my main option and I hate neighbors see me crawling up and down the steps!
    Barbie Graham
    32 Tersolo Road
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    Default Re: Handicapped nearly 60 year old grandmother

    I don't want to sound insensitive to your plight, but it isn't that hard to get the names of a few contractors, check with the local BBB and make sure they are licensed and then solicit a bid for some work. You might consider having a ramp installed too in case you ever become wheelchair bound. Ask for a few names of contractors from people you know that have had work done.

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