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    Default Moldy sheetrock in basement

    Hi. I recently posted a thread about problems in a house my wife and I otherwise love and wish to purchase.

    The first problem was discussed in another thread. The second is that we noticed slight mold all over the sheetrock in the basement. Midway up each wall (but a decent distance below where the house meets the ground), on the posts, ceiling.... all over the sheetrock.

    The seller says he will remediate this and correct the cause. Just wondering what possible causes might be, and how I can protect myself should I go ahead and purchase the property?


    - John

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    Default Re: Moldy sheetrock in basement

    Mold is formed by excessive moisture.

    This moisture can be from many sources , high relative humidity, moisture seeping in from the outside through the foundation , improper ventilation, flooding , leaking pipes , etc..

    It's difficult to say what the situation is over the internet.

    Depending on what the source for the moisture would be interesting to see how far the owner is willing to go to properly fix the issues.

    From your description it doesn't sound very good as there is a lot of material that has been compromised by the mold which should be removed and discarded. Then there is the issue of properly cleaning the mold that may be on things that can't be removed , like the wood structure of the home or the foundation walls, etc..

    Food for thought.

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