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    Unhappy Radon

    My wife and I just saw a beautiful house that we'd love to purchase and live in. Hardwood floors throughout, new sheetrock, plenty of space.... we love it...

    Then we went down into the basement. I found 2 problems, one of which was faint noise coming from a very small closet-like area behind a tiny door.

    It was a Radon reduction system. It looked like a fat PVC pipe with a liquid-filled leveller on the side.

    I've never owned a home that needed one of these. Obviously, the home had enough radon to warrant putting in that system, but should I not buy this house because of it? The thought of radon in my home makes me nervous, especially since I have a young child.

    Any professional advice would be greatly appreciated, as well as comments from anyone who has one of these systems in their home.


    - John

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    If the previous owners have gone to the trouble of installing a radon filtration system it should take care of any problem. Radon is a gas that slowly seeps into the basement through the ground below and is only a problem if the gases collect and stay in the house, with a radon system the gases are dispursed to the outside so they never get into the house in the first place. Today it is normal practice to have a radon test done when the house is inspected. If the radon system is working the test will prove it and should ease your concerns. If you love the house this shouldn't stand in your way.

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    Agreed. We have one in our home - radon is a problem in our neck of the woods given the soil and rock composition. If you are buying in an area that has radon issues, I'd be more worried about NOT having a system. You should look at the other houses in the neighborhood. It should be fairly obvious how many have the system installed.

    As to the system itself, it does require occasional checking and some maintenance. Retesting every couple of years is also recommended. But from what I've read, the systems do an excellent job of reducing radon levels to well below problem levels.

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