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I have just had a new concrete garage floor installed. I want to coat/paint it because the garage will be used as a party room for my large family holiday functions. The garage will of course house my cars and I need a floor that can stand up to rolling my hydraulic jack across it when I work on my car, etc. What is the best coating to use? I am leaning towards an epoxy coating like Rust-Oleum's professional garage floor coating. What is the best epoxy coating to use?
"The best" is applied by professional companies. Of course, it also costs at least 5X as much as hitting Lowes/HD/Sams/Costco and picking up their epoxy garage kits.

Make sure to allow a good long cure on the new floor before coating it, and follow the directions for the kits (most will still require a full cleaning of a new floor to get rid of any leachates from the curing) - some kits may recommend a time to wait on a new floor.

I used a kit from Sam's Club, SuperCoat, but it's probably more expensive than the R-O from HD/Lowes. Now if I could just SEE it under the clutter ;-)