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    Default Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

    Quote Originally Posted by kwguinness View Post
    1. Rake Leaves
    2. Cut Grass nice and short in preparation for winter.
    3. Rake Leaves again
    4. Disconnect and store all exterior hoses.
    5. Rake more leaves
    6. Turn exterior power to Central AC off and cover Central AC system to protect from leaves, rain, and snow.
    7. Rake leaves again
    8. Check exterior caulking and repair as necessary
    9. Rake some more leaves.
    8. Get snow shovels out of storage. Changle oil, replace spark plug, and lube gears in snow blower.
    9. Rake what is hopefully the last of the leaves
    10. Clean cutters and down spouts
    11. Rake more leaves
    12. Blow remaining leaves into neighbor's yard while they are away for Thanksgiving ;-)
    Remove not the ancient landmark, which your fathers have set.

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    Default Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

    This is prime time for dutch oven cookin! Cool crisp days warmed by hot cast iron.
    Starting to plan for a full blown traditional American Dutch Oven cookout. All will be prepared home made out back. Turkeys, Hams, sourdough bread, pecan bourbon pies, apple pies and the traditional pumpkin pie. Oh, and my personal favorite, home made baked beans in my favorite cast iron kettle!

    Work around the house? is there such a thing?

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    Default Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

    Just moved (again), have free reign to do what I want. Have to paint at least two rooms, rip up most of the carpet and replace it with tile or hardwood, insulate a bathroom, build a chicken coop, put up bookshelves, fix broken counterweights on windows, build a porch, finish unclogging a stubborn drain...

    I'm going to be busy.

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    Unhappy Re: What's on your must-do list in the fall?

    My old house needs quite a bit of work. For fall, I need new gutters. Also I need to finish off my stucco. If I could remove my old patio and get it replaced by fall, that would be great. I will also need to cut back a few plants.

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