Hey guys,

I'll REALLY try my hardest to not let this get long winded (as I usually do).

I have a home that was built in 1987. I live in South Florida, specifically in Fort Lauderdale. For those of you familiar with the area, the homes built during that time period were often built with a flair of "ultra modern". It's hard to imagine, but if you could combine Mediterrainian with 80s Ultra Modern, that's the kind of styling you'd have with many of the homes down here.

Anyway, my home is no exception.

The house was painted originally WHITE, with pink accents all around, and pink shingles (yes, seriously...). This was considered "cool" back then.

Anyway, the house will get painted white again, but the trim will obviously not be painted white. The doors are still pink, but I plan to take them all off, sand them down, and clean them up.

I'd like to refinish the doors in such a way that they'll still look modern, but a bit more up to date.

They're solid doors, with NO windows at all. A pair of big double doors. They're also SOLID wood. The sealing to the rest of hte house his horrible. I can actually see the outside from the bottom and the top thresholds.

I'd like to keep these doors because they are original to the house, but also because they just don't make solid wood doors like this anymore. (They're a couple hundred pounds each)

Can someone direct me to a site where I might get some design ideas?

I see a lot of homes install stainless still panelling going across the center. This seems to be the trend for modernizing the 80s ultra-modern styling.

Also, what's the easiest thing to do to ensure that my doors have a good seal? The frame is still good, and the doors are still relatively solid. Would just replacing the thresholds work? The doors don't seem to shut totaly flat. They seem to shut in sort of a "V" pattern, although not really pronounced... but just enough to see some sunlight from the top and bottom where the doors meet.