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    Default water in pvc (radon mitigator)

    if water gets into the pvc (radon mitigator)when it rains very heavily does that destroy the removal of randon and destroy anything.

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: water in pvc (radon mitigator)

    Destroy --- no. Prevent --- yes.

    While the water is in there, it is not pulling the radon gas as effectively. It is still doing it, but not very effectively. But that being said, you also are probably not seeing a lot of radon leak through anyway and it is temporary.

    The radon mitigation device is basically a vacuum. It sucks the radon out, by creating an area of negative pressure under your slab foundation. When water leaks into this area and the tubing, it interrupts the vacuum and decreases the negative pressure.

    If you have a sump pump, It should solve it, as the sump pump will pull the water out.

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