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    Default painting wooden porch steps

    We have a 3-sided wrap around porch - with wooden steps. I painted our porch last year - and the porch part still looks great. however, the steps leading up to the porch are wearing and peeling paint VERY QUICKLY! This has happened not just with old, existing steps - but has also happened with brand new boards that we have replaced (due to cracking or warping on the old stair treads).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to reduce the wear time on the stair treads? of course we scrap and sand (if nec) to get off peeling paint...but this does not seem to make the new paint last any longer than just a few months - before it starts peeling again. (like I said before - the peeling paint also happens on new boards)

    This may seem like a 'no brainer' answer...but can anyone help out (since we aren't having good luck)??

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    Default Re: painting wooden porch steps

    Skip every other step so only 1/2 the wear... Or leap over the steps haha sorry early morning humor atempt.
    But are you using paint with abrassive material to prevent falls -its designed and tends to wear better .

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