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    I need advice about redirecting and reinforcing the attic stairs. We will have to leave them down, because my daughter and her baby's rooms will be up there. My problem: they're shaky,and there isn't but 18inches between them and the wall. My daughter is a heavy (190) teenager. My brother is an invalid on a cane, so it's hard to get by there for him. That's his quickest way out of his room to the rest of the house, front, back, and side doors, livingrm, kitchen and dining rm.At the moment I have turn the den into a bedroom for my daughter and her baby. But the space is limited there. So is our income, we only have Social Security. Help! Help!
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    Regarding the steps, you said, "We will have to leave them down." I'm assuming this means they are pull-down style attic stairs. In which case you are seriously misusing them. A pull-down stair is meant for a once a month trip to get the Christmas lights, definitely not for daily use. And to carry a baby up and down them is lunacy. To leave them in the down position is a fire hazard and code violation. Adding a permanent staircase is an expensive endeavor requiring serious structural changes and a lot of square footage. You'll probably have to sacrifice an entire bedroom's worth of space on the main floor to achieve a permanent stair to the attic. It's time for your daughter to find her own apartment because this is a dangerous situation.

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