Hello all, I would like to start of buy saying I have been watching TOH since I was a child and have done quite a bit of repairs and refinishing thanks to the tips and instructions over my life. Now on to the new project!

My wife and I just purchased a home in New City NY that was built in 1776, it is a stone home with 3 bedrooms one bathroom a living room , a oversized 5ft by 5ft stone fireplace and it sits on 3/4 of an acre of land. The entire inside of the home as far as ceilings , walls and floors need to be done as well as many other things but the home is liveable and just needs some TLC.

I am very experienced in skim coating, plastering, mudding whatever you would like to call it my father did not believe in sheetrock so all the time I spent plastering is going to pay off. The home is very original and even has the original doors with original hardware, My question to the show is I know that the work I will be doing to restore the home will be just fine and dandy but I would love to see the things that I want done to the home finished and I know I can not do it on my own. Would TOH be interested in helping along or using the home in any of the upcoming projects?

The things I would love to have done and know I can not do on my own would be the original stone wall exposed inside of the living room, the original floors refinished(the top stair is worn in a curve from 220 years of walking up and down) There was a Barn and a studio on the survey that are no longer there and I would love to have them built to original spec the garage was actually a barn. We have an old well on the property that could use a face lift. Many Many things that are just out of our reach. Everything we are doing is coming out of our pocket and we are not looking for a handout at all. I just love the show and know that TOH could really make This old house into the 1776 beauty that it should be. I will be posting pictures of my progress as it happens. Thank you and any advice or tips would be great. Love the show!