Up until now I have relied (foolishly I'll admit) on my prescription glasses to double as safety glasses during the small projects I have completed in my life but now as my wife and I embark on the journey of purchasing our first home and the honey-do list grows I would like to invest in something more appropriate.

I am hoping some of the members of this community can help me with suggesting a good pair of over RX glasses safety glasses (as money is always an issue for everyone I'd prefer to skip the $50 pair if the $15 pair is just the same). The other big thing is while I'm not putting on a fashion show I would like the glasses to have as normal a look as possible (for a pair of safety glasses to have). I cannot stand the HUGE, monster, cover 1/2 your face pairs of goggles you had to wear in High School shop classes.

I have done some looking ****** but most of the models I have come across are either discontinued, or ****** only and do not list the sizes of RX frames they cover. Two of the more promising models I have looked at:

EyeArmor - being discontinued

Pyramex OTS - ****** only, no size also seen on a retailer's site

Has anyone had experience with either of these, or know of one they could recommend?

I would greatly appreciate any help.