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    Default Advice: Pergola+Pavers, which first?

    Hi, I'm planning on building a pergola in my back yard, as well as installing a brick paver pation. I expect them both to have rouchly the same footprint. I guess I need advice on A) where should I place the pergola footing posts (in line with the patio, just outside the patio, etc.) and B) what order to complete the work (set footings first and then build patio around, etc.). Becuae of labor and cost, there might be quite a period of time between the 2 projects, so I can't do it at the same time and am trying to figure out which makes sense to knock out first.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    Default Re: Advice: Pergola+Pavers, which first?

    I would advise to place the posts on the edge (not outside) the patio pavers. Because of this, I would definately build the pergola first, then the pavers. You can build the pavers around the posts and cut, if necessary. Doing it in opposite order would almost surely disrupt the ground near the posts as you dig out the holes.

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    Default Re: Advice: Pergola+Pavers, which first?

    Howdy, The posts footings outside of the pavers makes you not have to cut the pavers in around the posts...
    I saw a great one in Mother earth news it included a hammic . I have this on my ever growing to do list....

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    Default Re: Advice: Pergola+Pavers, which first?

    Build the pergola first. It does not matter whether you set the posts inside or outside of the pavers, the only advantage of outside is not having to cut pavers around the pergola posts. You can purchase a few pavers now so that you can calculate your footing spacing for optimal aesthetics as well as perfect paver alignment when it comes time to install them.

    I personally would not recommend burying the post itself, it is better to set a proper footing with a post base, then set the post on top of the ground. This keeps the post from ever rotting or being a place for critters to enter from the ground. In using this method, you will have to build rigidity into the structure in the way of knee braces from post to "roof" in two directions at each corner post.
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