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    Question finishing interior wood on windows ?

    I have interior pine on my windows. I don't want to paint them, but use a stain and clear finish. It is clear glass and not low-e windows. All of the finishes I have tried have peeled off from the UV. Would an exterior finish work? I don't want them to "yellow". In Montana, we also have some ice on the interior windows when it gets to 20 & 30 below. (I do wipe them to keep the moisture problem down) Any suggestions on products to use that will hold up to moisture and UV and not "yellow"?

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    Default Re: finishing interior wood on windows ?

    I always understood Spar Urethane (minwax makes it) to be pretty good for outdoors in terms of UV/moisture. Not sure about it with the cold though - the label might say.
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    Default Re: finishing interior wood on windows ?


    Yellowing is inherent in all the oil based varnishes. They have a slight amber tone right from the start which becomes more pronounced with age. Try one of the exterior water bourne urethanes. They are crystal clear and remain so with age. Exterior varnishes also generally contain UV blockersto help prevent sun deterioration. If your windows have a traditional apron on the inside, make sure the edge that faces the exterior is also coated with varnish. When your windows panes freeze and melt, water runs down this edge and if it is not sealed, works its way into the wooden apron.

    If you want to keep your pine looking natural and non-yellowed, you must stain it with a white stain. Unstained pine will continue to yellow with age. Stain forestalls this natural yellowing of the wood.

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