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    Default Matching stain on old trim

    I own a home built in the late 1800's and am very fortunate that about 60% of the trim is in original stained condition. Unfortunately I need to replace some areas that abut that original stained trim and I'm having no luck in finding a commercial stain that matches. Any suggestions on how to do that or who to go to that would have expertise in that area. I am in the Lancaster, PA area.

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    Default Re: Matching stain on old trim


    Could you post a few pics of this woodwork? I have a suspicion that it may not be a stain that is really needed. In fact, a stain may produce an entrely different look which never truly matches.

    Some decent sized pics rather than small ones will be most helpful. To do that here......use the "insert image" icon on the upper toolbar of reply/text box. (yellow envelope with the mountains on it)

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