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    Default Re: Need advice about shoplights in basement

    A dimmable ballast is kind of a specialty item. in all the commercial applications I've installed them on they have their own special dimmer switches. I would suggest skipping the dimmers and get the spec grade switches, and t-8 lamps and ballasts. Additionally I've run into tombstones on the dimmable lights being different than a typical tombstone.when they are powered up they will burn up the ballasts quickly.

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    Default Re: Need advice about shoplights in basement

    Quote Originally Posted by Toody View Post
    Thanks, Ernie! Do the T8 kits cost around $50 as my friend thought? Also, did you say that the T8s were long lasting?
    I would think that T8s & T12s last the same length of time. The saving would be in power consumption.

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    Default Re: Need advice about shoplights in basement...Update

    Hello everyone, I wasn't able to get new T8 light fixtures as you recommended because the old ballasts and lights that were in there were installed separately, up against the ceiling beams. In order to install complete new fixtures (T8s), all the ceiling tiles would have to be lowered a 1/4 inch. Now, I have another problem...

    All the lights and ballasts (with Phillips T12 lights) are working -- but one. When I turn on the light switch, one light flickers and won't turn on completely, but the other three light right up. I've tried changing light bulbs/rods, in case one malfunctioned, but that only results in the light lighting up completely one time; thereafter, the lights flicker again when I turn on the switch. I even used lights that were connected in the other ballast and worked they just fine.

    I'll have to call the electrician back, but I'd like to be armed with you think that the problem is the ballast? I've been told that if it was the ballast, the light would not work at all. Others have told me that it may be a lose connection, and that the ballast would try to work.

    Any help will be appreciated!

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