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    Default Horsehare plaster

    Hello, I have just moved into an older home with horsehare plaster on almost all the walls and am looking for the easiest way to redo them. They are unevan and are curently papered. The choices are paint, panel, or paper. How do we make the walls evan without taring down the plaster and the wood slats that are behind it?

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    The right way to do it so as not to have trouble in the future is to tear down the plaster and lath and put up drywall. You will be happier in the end and have a nice straight wall. Just my opinion.


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    Default Re: Horsehare plaster

    You need to remove the wall paper and have a plasterer resurface the walls. No need to tear down walls. He would bond,base and refinish and no need to remove trim. It only adds approx. 1/8" to the wall thickness. Or if you are brave you could try this yourself.
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