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    Default Gurgling sound from upstairs bath drain

    Every 20 seconds or so, we get a sound from the bath drain that sounds like water draining, or gurgling. Even if the tub has not been used for days. The tub faucet does not leak. I have opinions this may be a problen with the vent pipe. It can go on for hours, then disappear for awhile. But it always starts again. House is 5 years old. This is in the upstairs bathroom. Any ideas what might be causing this noise, and how to correct it?

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    Default Re: Gurgling sound from upstairs bath drain

    Sounds like am improper or clogged vent. The noise can be caused by gas pushing back through the trap or sucking air in trough the trap.
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    Default Re: Gurgling sound from upstairs bath drain

    Is there an air conditioner condensate line plumbed in?

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