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    Default hardwood install parallel to joists

    Our house was built in 1996 in Portland Oregon and has 4”x12” floor joists that run north/south 48” on center with 1.5” x 5” tongue and grove subfloor running east/west. We are extending the Ύ” x 2 Ό” oak flooring from the hallway into the kitchen.

    The flooring in the hallway is running parallel(north/south) with the joists and we were planning on continuing to run this direction into the kitchen.

    After searching the internet we can’t determine if it is ok to install the hardwood in parallel with the joists like the builder did in the hallway. Anyone know if this is ok?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: hardwood install parallel to joists

    it's fine to install it any direction you want to, even on the diagonal. it's getting nailed into the sub floor, not the joists.
    only advice i could give you is to make sure the subfloor is more than adequately screwed down to the joists and not nailed, it will help prevent the floor from squeeking.

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    Default Re: hardwood install parallel to joists

    I guarantee that your joists are more than 48" on center.
    If they really are, then you need to sue the home inspector that you used when you bought the house, because that is a serious code violation. They're probably 24".

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