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    Default replacing plank floor with plywood

    I am replacing some 1 inch floor boards in a bathroom. The joist are spaced 24" (130 year old home). I would like to replace the floor boards with plywood. What combination of sizes should I use to make up the 1 inch (actually about 1/16 to 1/32 less than 1 inch). Should I use (2) 1/2 inch pieces, (1) 5/8 and (1) 3/8, or (1) 3/4 and (1) 1/4 inch. I will glue and screw the plywood. I am planning on putting cement board (1/4 inch) and ceramic tile across the entire floor.

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    Wink Re: replacing plank floor with plywood

    You might want to consider having an engineer check to see if the joists strength should be improved before adding all that weight. Also, if you use 3/4" plywood and 1/4" cement board you will have 1" overall, unless I am reading you wrong. I would use felt paper between the plywood and cement board just as a precaution against squeaking. But, I would definitely check on improving the joists strength.


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