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    Default Plywood sub floor

    I just had laminate floors installed downstairs and in some places the floor is very uneven. The installer has now told me that the sub floor was uneven and can't be fixed without replacing all of the sub floors downstairs. Do I have any other options?

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    Default Re: Plywood sub floor

    would have been nice if he told you that before he installed, eh?

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    Default Re: Plywood sub floor

    I agree with Peter, this should have been mentioned by the installer BEFORE the floor was laid so that you could have addressed it then. Now you're either stuck with an uneven floor OR the expense of tearing it out and replacing it, just so you can level out the subfloor.

    As to the subfloor, without knowing what is under there and causing the unevenness, it is difficult to say whether replacement of the subfloor is necessary OR if it could be overlaid with underlayment or even floated out with floor leveler compound.
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    Wink Re: Plywood sub floor

    I agree with the other answers, the contractor had an obligation to tell you of the deformities before he covered them. I would force the contractor to make the job right (hopefully you haven't paid him all of the money yet). If you have already paid him sometimes a letter from an attorney is enough to remedy the situation. But, regardless if you can get the contractor back or not the only way to fix the problem is to open it up and fix what is wrong with the underlayment.


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