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    Question Ceramic Tile over linoleum

    I have old linoleum on my bathroom floor, no cuts or tears. Will they usually be able to lay tile over this or is normally torn out?

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    Default Re: Ceramic Tile over linoleum

    if it's adhered very well and there's no bubbles or peeling, it can be tiled over. not the 100% proper way to do it but i can be done. the easy way out if you don't want to peel it up would be to go over it with 1/4" cementboard or hardibacker then tile on top of that.

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    Default Re: Ceramic Tile over linoleum

    If you dont take it up you asking for problems later on down the road. Thinset is not made to stick to the lino floor. Also consider the underlayment under the lino. Most of the time it is 1/4 luwan or plywood nailed down over the orginal subfloor. This 1/4 material is not very good because sometimes the layers are delaminated under the surface. The lino may appear to be glued down well but over time this could come apart. In turn that would crack your tile.

    If this is a kitchen area your talking about putting tile in be sure to use epoxy grout. Its stain free and will last for many years to come.

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