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    Default Minimum amount of top soil needed to grow grass?

    Our house had a temporary gravel driveway that wrapped around the back yard. The majority of the loose gravel has been removed from the top surface, but there is still a good deal of gravel imbeded into the top 5-6" inches of soil. Obviously grass isn't growing in this area and my intent was to have top soil brought in and spread to a depth of about 3-4" over this area - I afraid that any deeper will interfere too much with blending it into the existing yard surface, which BTW is pretty flat. Comments on this method would be most welcomed.

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    Default Re: Minimum amount of top soil needed to grow grass?

    You're right on target in looking at adding 3-4 inches of good screened top soil for getting grass growing. If you have access to a garden tiller, spread out the new top soil, then till the area at a depth of about 5 inches to mix the new soil into the surface of the existing soil. Once it's tilled and smoothed, add your grass seed, some good starter fertilizer (I prefer Scotts brand products) cover with some mulch/straw & water it lightly every day for NMT 30 minutes at a time. (unless it rains)
    Be sure that you don't change the pitch of the area so that any excess water from heavy rain runs/drains back towards your house/garage. You want to keep the pitch so that it drains water away.
    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Minimum amount of top soil needed to grow grass?

    Do not put layers of dirt over any gravel. The gravel under the soil will let water hang around and not drain well. You will be eventually be digging the whole area back up. Grass will not survive there.

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