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    Lightbulb leaking basement

    Im trying to fix my leaking basement, its about 20by20 and it was dug out after the house was built, so im guessing thats the problem. And its impossable to dig around the house to fix the cracks because of our giant trees. So we want to put some kind of drainage system in the basement but we dont know which one we should go with, does anyone have any suggestions.

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    Default Re: leaking basement

    Howdy, an interior perimeter drain installed under the slab next to the foundation. This requires breaking 6" of slab out all the way around and installing pcv drain pipe and gravel and a sump pump discharge pit and a sump pump. The pcv is channeled into the pump pit and the pit pump is plumbed to a pvc pipe to discharge the ground water ouside away from the foundation.

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