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Thread: Spueaky floors

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    Default Spueaky floors

    I removed the carpet in a second floor bedroom to put down pergo flooring. The 1987 particleboard underlayment squeaks at the joints between two pieces when I step on it in a few places. This is between the floor joists, and the particle board sags a little at its edge and rubs against the adjacent piece creating the squeak. I don't have access to the bottom of the floor to install a bridge. How do I stop the squeaking before I lay the flooring?

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    Short of taking up the subfloor, I don't know of much you can do from above.

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    Cut out a section, install bridging on all unsupported joints, reinstall the section you cut out. If you've got problems with squeaks throughout, then pull up all the subfloor and reinstall it with construction adhesive.
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