. I had a shallow well installed in the spring. I get 15-16 gpm from it. I put in the irrigation system on the 4th of July weekend. My problems started when I hooked the timer wires up and the valves would stay running. I have eight zones so this is became quite an problem to figure out. Anyways hours and hours later. I come to find out there is sand "sugar sand" (not so sweet) coming from the well. I've had some suggestions saying just keep pumping the well that it will eventually pump out all the "sugar sand". I installed an in-line filter that clogs up after about 20-30 mins. of run time. Well, I'm now about 50-60 hours of pump time on the well. No end is in sight of this sand issue. Any suggestions on a large pool type filter that I can install with some sort of automatic flushing system?