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    Default Drilling holes with rotary tool

    I have an old-style industrial Dremel type rotary tool that accepts accessories with a 1/8-inch shank. I can use Dremel accessories with 1/8-inch shanks with no problems. I would like to use this tool to drill small holes. I purchased a 4485 Quick Change Collet Nut Set, but I cannot figure out how to use it. The collets are slightly too large to fit the 1/8-inch collet on the rotary tool, and there is nothing on which to screw the nut. The picture on the package for the Collet Nut Set appears to show an adapter of sorts with a 1/8-inch shank that fits into the rotary tool, and the drill bit collet is inserted into this adapter. This adapter has outside threads that the nut screws on compressing the drill bit collet around the bit. I cannot find such an adapter in stores or on the internet. Does such an adapter exist? If not, is there any way to use my type of rotary tool to drill small holes? Thanks.

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    I would attempt to contact the manufacturer, either by phone or on the internet. There should be information on the package such as a web address, phone # or manufacturer's name you can use.


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