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    Question moring glory is not so glorious

    so when we got our new house and the 2.4 acres to go with it ended up being one of the most daunting tasks of all and there is Morning Glory all over the backyard so how do my family and I get ride of it???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you don't want to use chemicals (such as Roundup), you can cover small areas with 3 mil black plastic in the summer, which will heat the soil more and block out light which cuts off photosynthesis so the plant starves. Ideally you want to catch the plants when they're actively growing but before they're flowering, and that's the time to lay down your black plastic. You may have to do it for one or two years for maximum control of the problem.

    Lay the plastic down and anchor it against the wind, then let it sit there for the whole summer. If the plants come back after this treatment, you may need to do it a second time. I recommend at least 3 mil thickness so that it will last the whole summer in direct sunlight.

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    If it's the perennial kind with a tuberous root, you have my sympathies, for there is no way to eradicate that monster. Ipomoea Pandurata is the one I'm thinking of.
    If it's just annual morning glory, pull or till any that emerge as seedlings, and spray the mature plants before they set seed, because they are very seedy, and it may take a year or two to finish off the seeds that are on the ground.
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    A weed torch would do a number on it.

    I wrote a review a while back on weed torches when I bought one, explaining the differences between the little wands with disposable propane tanks and the larger units that are powered with a BBQ tank. You can spend $25 to over $500 on a torch, interestingly, you don't necessarily have to spend much to get a good unit.

    I bought mine at Harbor Freight for something like $35, which was slightly more than it's cousin. The difference between the two was that mine came equipped with a piezo igniter, the other one didn't. A piezo is a spark producing unit such as you'd find on a gas BBQ which is safer than using a match. lighter, or torch striker to light these things. I strap my BBQ tank to a hand truck to be able to tote it around, rather than carrying it everywhere.

    At any rate, I don't usually buy things from Harbor Freight because they're cheap and cheesy products. After going over the weed torch in the store with a fine tooth comb, it looked like it was safe and durable.
    This is the one I bought

    This is its cousin without the igniter

    Don't even bother with the wands that use disposable propane cylinders, they don't burn hot enough to do the job quickly and they burn up a tank in short order, making them much more expensive to use.

    The thing to keep in mind when using a weed torch is that you're not trying to incinerate the weed, you're trying to scald it. The difference is, when you burn it down to the ground, all you've done is remove the foliage. The root is still perfectly alive, healthy and happy underground and will send up new shoots immediately. If you scald it, what you've just done is wound it beyond its ability to heal and plant will essentially bleed to death, taking out roots and all.

    Remember, you're dealing with fire, so use extreme caution and it would be best to work with water nearby that can douse anything that catches fire. In early spring when the ground is still wet, these torches are hot enough to start twigs and sticks on fire, so imagine what they'll do when things are dry. Just be careful and things will be fine.
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