I want to move a a kitchen sink and place it on a island so I can open up the kitchen and make it flow into the living room/ dinning room, what factors should I consider? I am about to purchase a high ranch, I have access from the lower level, I am going to tear out the sheet rock because they put carpet all over the walls and ceiling. I know I cant notch out the joist in the middle, but I can put a hole in the center third of the joist not exceeding 2.5 inches. so I can run PVC in sections if needed so I can tie it in with the main drain stack. I have a bathroom on the other side of the dinning room, would it be better to tie it in with that line? would I get less water pressure if I pull off the water supply coming off the bathroom water supply risers? the boiler and furnace are locater under bathroom, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.