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Thread: Glue ABS to PVC

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    Default Glue ABS to PVC

    I was told by local plumbing supply that you can glue ABS fittings to PVC pipe with all purpose solvent. Any comments?

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    That doesn't sound right to me. PVC and ABS are two different formulations. Their respective "glue" is actually a solvent that melts the surface of the material, then evaporates, the end result is that the two pieces become one, physically melted or fused together. While a single solvent may do a similar thing to both materials, I would doubt the integrity of the joint with the dissimilar materials.
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    Default Re: Glue ABS to PVC

    The "Senior Member" designation under my name doesn't mean I know a lot, it just means I talk a lot.I've been a DIYer since I was 12 (thanks, Dad!). I have read several books on various home improvement topics. I do not have any current code books I can refer to. I was an apprentice plumber for two years.

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