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    Default Porcelain tile on outdoor front steps

    Hi, We live in Manitoba, Canada. Lots of cold, snow, icy, wet weather. We've installed porcelain tiles on our front steps and now we have to find something to make them safe as they are very slippery when wet. We cannot seem to find anything that will stick to them. Can anyone offer ideas? We've tried the No Skidding clear product that you paint on and add grit but it all peeled off last winter.

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    Smile Re: Porcelain tile on outdoor front steps

    Other than removing the tiles I can't really think of anything except a method that is used on granite but I doubt would work on porcelain tile.
    On granite steps flame is often applied to the steps to make them less slippery. The flame is always applied with a very hot blow torch. On granite steps applying flame to something so thick is not a problem. However applying flame to porcelain will in all probability crack the porcelain. You could I suppose use a rough file on the porcelain to roughen it up but that might eventually cause the porcelain to crack,not mention make your steps look very ugly.
    My best advice would be for you to take the porcelain up and start over again as in your very cold climate I doubt anything will stay stuck in the winter time. If you have a very old house I would select granite. If you have a newer house then cement steps. Either one though would look equally well no matter how old or new your house is. Good luck to you!

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    Wink Re: Porcelain tile on outdoor front steps

    The best way to make the steps safe is to tear them out and put new concrete steps in place. If you use a torch on the tiles they will "pop" like a shot going off and break off in sharp pieces like a bullet. You could lose an eye or get cut severely, don't do it.


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    Default Re: Porcelain tile on outdoor front steps

    what about putting an outdoor carpet on them?? will the glue stick in winter?

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