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Thread: Oak Stairs

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    Default Oak Stairs

    My husband is the maintenance person for some new town homes. In one unit the oak stairs have some deep scratches in them. Is there a filler that can be used to fill the scratches, this filler also needs to be able to have a stain over it.

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    I went to the hardware store to answer my post under your post. He told me to use Minwax high performance wood filler. It's supposed to bond to anything and bond extremely hard. It's good for interior and exterior use and is stainable. He said it can be tricky to work with it because it sets fast and hard. But, its sandable. He did mention that it may stain differently than your wood so there may be some color variation. I would suggest you go to your hardware store and ask about the same product and see if you get the same answer.

    Good luck

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