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    I live in Alabama we have 3acres of open land and I would like to plant some trees.I would like some kind of fast growing trees and some kind of mix.Any suggestions.Also we have deer in the area and thats ok with me.My intentions are to grow some kind of place that they will come to and hang out.
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    Maple, Birch, Bald Cypress, to name a few.

    Oklahoma City, OK

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    Be carefull of "fast" growing trees. Many tend to have invasive roots, weak limbs,are not long lived or have other undesirable traits like messy fruit or recurring insect pests.
    A little research for trees that do well in your area will go a long way.
    Before you know it 5, 10 or 15 years will have gone by and that pretty bradford pear that shades the yard will split in a wind storm and you'll have to start over anyway.
    Another tip from someone that should know better, but didn't, don't plant trees that are going to grow tall close enough to the house to eventually drop limbs or fall on it. I've seen a lot of that recently including a relative that had a 75' foot pine planted about 20' away come crashing down on his roof last winter.

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