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Thread: fixing plaster?

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    Default fixing plaster?

    1928 brick house in Michgan. Interiors side of the exteriot walls are like stone, I guessing it's the old button board plaster. In the sloped ceiling, there are seams that look like their oozing joint compound out on the surface, but it's dry and has been for a long time. Can I just grind this off and paint over it? I also notice some very small cracks in the horizontal ceiling, probably a 1/16th of an inch or less that also is straight enough to be a seam. Is there a plaster joint compound that can be used on these?

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    Default Re: fixing plaster?

    it's not joint compound unless it's really recent work. You'd be trying to grind off plaster most likely, which isn't easy, it should crumble or break off easier, but you might create all kinds of mess doing that. Maybe describe the situation more.

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