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    I recently purchased new light switches for my den (3 way) when i went to install them i encountered this problem , when i turn on 1 switch light works i turn of other light switch light turns off ,ok right, heres the problem : when i go to turn on light from first switch light will not turn on unless i turn second light switch off. anyone with any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I can't tell you what is wrong without seeing it, but I can tell you the wires aren't on the correct terminals. Someone else on the panel that is more savy electrically will be able to help. Another suggestion is to buy a DIY electrical wiring book that shows wiring a three way switch. Good Luck.


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    It sounds like you have a traveler and the hot/load wire mixed on at least one switch. The switch should be marked. As a general rule red and white are travelers and the black is hot on one switch and the load on the other switch. Check the documentation that came with the switch, the terminals may be located different on the new switch than they were on the old. All three way switches are wired this way however the wire routing and the terminal location on the switches may very. The two wires running between the switches are called travelers.
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