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    Post Building a bedroom in the attic - Ontario Canada

    OK so I have an attic with what I believe are W trusses, I have read through one contractors website showing how this could be done

    I can see how he reinforced the trusses on each side at the top and I am assuming he is reinforcing the trusses that are going to be the floor with either 2X6 or 2X8

    Here is a link to exactly what my house looks like (its down the street from me).

    Don't be fooled there is atleast 18ft of headroom in the attic and it nearly runs front to back.

    I can't change the roof because the house is whats called a hybrid condo, so I have to keep the same look, so all my work needs to be done from the inside.

    Can someone give me some input on their thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Building a bedroom in the attic - Ontario Canada

    Ditto with jkirk's comments.
    This type of project isn't for a novice DIYer to just go ahead and do without professional guidence.

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