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    Default Help, trying to repair old sewage pipe???

    Hello all,
    I just ripped apart a 1st level bath to remodel.
    This bath sits on top of a crawl space.
    After digging out the sewage pipe this is what I find.
    1) Cracked clay pipe see pic
    2) Very funky plumbing work!
    One 1.5" Y & one 4-6" Toilet drain pipe placed into the large clay pipe that goes into the ground.

    This house was built in 1901 (Wisconsin).

    I'm a printer by trade a plumber, carpenter, electrician, computer wiz & auto mechanic on the side. lol

    My question is this:
    Do I have to get a licensed Plumber here to repair?
    Or can I repair this my self with some sort of pipe dope & rubber wrap? don't laugh!+

    Something like this?? http://www.piperepair.net/pipewrap.html

    I'm thinking this has been this way who knows how long & The Y connector was never even capped off!
    This is also a non pressurized pipe????
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    Default Re: Help, trying to repair old sewage pipe???

    Sorry, I don't have any meaningful response, I'm just relieved to see something worse (plumbing-wise) than what we have in our 115 yr. old house. Those pics resemble the crawl-space under our bathroom. The wrap looks feasible but maybe a bit too easy...?

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    Default Re: Help, trying to repair old sewage pipe???

    I think you know you should fix this and that it will require a plumber.

    The crack itself is not the end of the world, it is the fact that sewer gases can leak up from this area. I would flush the toilet two or three times and maybe drain a tub full of water to see what happens. If water leaks from this area, then it is more urgent to fix --- an gross.

    Generally, the solution is to run a new pipe from your cast iron pipes to the main sewer line. Given your sewer line is clay, there is really little chance of patching in a PVC pipe.

    The link you sent is not a real solution; particularly for a clay sewer pipe.

    In the end, you will be happier knowing it is fixed and will never break again then waiting until this gets worse, which it will.

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